It is week 2 of the MOOC and I am kind of overwhelmed with the mass of blogs and postings and trying to find the data that is right for me within it. Options are good. Too many options can be bad. I think my problem, specifically, is that I am such a social media recluse and neophyte to online teaching that I want basic, basic things explained to me–perhaps too basic for most in this course. I saw awesome youtube videos on creating animated videos for your class, but it is kind of like dumping a beginning swimmer into an Olympic competition. I watched the Blackboard Collaborate tutorial–the powerpoint presentation with a about 15-60 second explanations per “slide” and it was helpful, but I still feel like I have a lot of questions. I don’t know how to erase the screen or open a new “whiteboard” or “move” the whiteboard so that the old one is still there, but I can have a new section to write in. All the options for mics and speaking seem like it would be difficult with a class of 20…perhaps sticking to chat is better? It would be more helpful to have a live demonstration, but making the webinar times can be difficult.

Is this how online classes are run? Kind of at anytime with a lot of postings and you have to read all the postings and kind of keep track of everyone by their postings in the community wall and hope to keep track about the “threads” they talk about and what they contributed? Is it an artifact if I simply link youtube videos to this blog that I think are useful or do I need to create my own spin to the artifact to make it count?

Does anyone have a more regimented outline or prescriptive schedule for how they teach online?

Comments welcome!